About Us

With the largest machines in Brenham and Washington County, we're sure you'll get your money's worth at our state of the art facility. 

BRAND NEW 450G (spin speed) washer extracts more water, soap, and dirt so you can get in and get out faster. 

Most customers are able to get in and out in under an hour!

Conveniently located next to a donut shop (we like the apple fritter), gas station, beauty parlor, and even tax services!

Spin Speed Education

         High End Top Loader at home: 20G

    Typical Laundromat Front Loader: 100G

 High End Laundromat Front Loader: 200G

  ALAMO LAUNDRY Front Loaders: 450G

Washing Machines

Two Load 450G  -  $3.00

Four Load 450G -  $5.00

Six Load 450G    -   $7.00

Eight Load 450G - $9.00

Heavy Duty - $0.50

Extra Rinse - $0.50

Drying Machines

50lb stacked dryers -  $0.25/ 5 minutes

80lb dryer - $0.25 / 4 minutes